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The story of David and Goliath

David and Goliath
There are some wonderful stories in the Old Testament, telling the story of the Jews in the days long before Jesus was born. One of these is the story of David and Goliath, which is the beginning of the long saga of King David, who became such an important person, really as a result of this. (See 1 Samuel., chapter 17)

The Israelites were being confronted by a vast army of Philistines, who did not honour God as the Israelites did. So King Saul gathered a great army as well, and they camped on hills opposite each other. Fair enough - but then just one man, the giant Goliath, came forward, covered in armour and looking terrifying. He called for just one Israelite to come and fight him - and of course, though brave in battle together, not one man would go forward on his own. This went on for several days.

Then young David, youngest son of Jesse, who had been looking after his father’s sheep, came on the scene with supplies for his brothers, and saw what was going on. He said to the Israelites, I watch over the sheep, I have killed a lion, I have killed a bear - let me go and kill this Philistine. So after some argy-bargy, and refusing to put on any armour because he had not tested it beforehand, he went forward. Goliath mocked him - until David took one shiny stone out of his bag, put it in his sling, and hit Goliath on the only vulnerable place not covered with armour, his forehead. Goliath fell, and David was able to kill him, starting a huge battle between the armies, that the Israelites won. That was the start of an extraordinary career for David - but that is another story.

What makes the story even more striking is that it was David who said he was coming in the name of God, whom the Philistines had defied. And it was those who came in the name of God who won the battle. That is something to think about, isn’t it?