Anyone for tennis?

Herbert Lawford's gravestone
The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament began in 1877.  It was an all British affair and the Men’s Singles quickly became a contest between William Hartley, the twin brothers William and Ernest Renshaw, and Herbert Fortescue Lawford.  Herbert is the name of interest to us as he is buried at St. Thomas’s.  Four times runner-up, he finally won the Men’s Singles in 1887 and then was runner-up again in 1888.  The Wikipedia entry says he was from Scotland although he was born in London, in Bayswater, in 1851.  His gravestone records that he and his wife Edith were ‘of Drumnagesk’.  Edith died in 1913 and Herbert in 1925, and that is all I know of them.  Maybe someone else knows more?  It seems appropriate that Herbert Lawford has come into our ken at Wimbledon time, and let’s hope that it is a good portent for Andy Murray this year. 

Jane Kruuk