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Letter from December 2013 - January 2014

posted 10 Mar 2014, 00:07 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 10 Mar 2014, 00:07 ]

From the interim priest-in-charge Rev’d Lisa Eunson

You are the Good News

There is a pastor of a large church in Washington DC who describes how a congregation of people living fully into their gifts and talents will be having the time of their lives doing so; and therefore such a congregation does not have to hang out on street corners shouting the Good News of the gospel, because: ’they are the good news.’ That Spirit-filled common life draws people in, as it proclaims God’s love and life. It is Good News.

You too are that Good News. It is hard to remember that sometimes, especially when we think in terms of organisational behaviour, where typically a small percentage does the large percentage of the work. Those leaders can so easily burn out or just get cranky. But in God’s Kingdom, that place we seek to proclaim with our lives, we all have gifts to share, and everyone has a role. Part of what ‘salvation’ means in real terms is the freedom fully to be who we are. To live into all those gifts and talents by giving them away. More Good News.

It takes a lot of people energy to keep a church going, especially in an interregnum where in addition to everyone’s regular tasks you are keeping a very part-time lay reader and clergy team supported, preparing the rectory and other church structures (material and institutional) for a new incumbent, AND involved in the very full time job of searching for that next incumbent. And yet, what I see happening here, now, as you are working together, across the two congregations, in these tasks, you are having a surprisingly good time. Creating good energy. Being Good News.

So I would urge you to thank and pray for the few who are carrying so much of this role of vision, leadership, and offering so much good old-fashioned hard work. And thank and pray for each one of you, doing your own part in your own way. Being you.

Part of being Good News is proclaiming the Living God – and being a Living Church means willingness to up new tasks, and perhaps even let go of a few you have done long enough. I pray that each of you will consider the Good News you are in your own talents, and life experience, and interests. It may be something you already do well and easily; it may be something you are eager to learn, to stretch into. It may be something you’ve always done that it is time to help others learn to do alongside you. Live it.

I know from the Profile and the conversations you are having with each other how important it will be that your next incumbent is someone gifted to encourage your gifts, and to equip you in your various and collective ministries. Meanwhile, let us continue to encourage and support and celebrate each other for the gift from God that each of us is to this place at this time.

God’s blessing and peace be with you all.