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Aid to Hearing

posted 22 Apr 2015, 09:41 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 22 Apr 2015, 09:42 ]

One of the great things about the improvements in our finances is that we can look beyond the absolute essentials, and see what can be done to make life better. And our Treasurer has been doing just this!

Her latest is to buy a remarkable device that can be set up to help the hard-of- hearing in smaller settings. We already have the loop system in our churches, and this is invaluable - especially if those speaking remember to speak directly into the microphone! (Not Vittoria, she wears hers, and it is very clear.)

The new device, called a ‘comfort audio’, has a transmitting microphone that sits in the middle of an ordinary room, picking up the sound from all round. Then anyone who cannot hear properly - me, so far! - wears another receiving microphone, attached to a Loop that goes round one’s neck. Put your hearing aid to the ‘T’ position, and hey presto!!

It is clever, though I am still experimenting, sometimes it works better than others. I have tried it in choir practice, and can hear the singing of the choir much better individually. If anyone else needs to use it at the same time we can buy more ‘loops’.

But what a brilliant idea, a personal loop system! - Thank you Sue, for thinking of it, and St Thomas’s for buying it.