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February 2013

posted 5 Feb 2013, 10:06 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne

The Choir had a wonderful time over Christmas. The Carol Service was a lovely occasion, as always, and the Augmented Choir, with about 20 singers and conducted by Marcus, excelled themselves.

The choir was smaller over Christmas, but not as much so as is often the case, and the weather was kind, so that those living outside Aboyne could get in. At Christmas, we had an inspiring Midnight Communion. We were joined by two grandchildren, who sing in a choir at home, and they sang most competently. We all sang a few carols before the service started, and more during Communion.

After that, I went down with a cold, and was not able to come for the last service of the year. In the absence of any other organist or pianist, Andy took his violin along, and accompanied the singing on that. I gather it went splendidly!

Things are just picking up after Christmas, and we are starting to prepare more anthems to sing during Communion, which is a special part of our work. The Augmented Choir is having a break, but Marcus and I are intending to get them together again before too long for another of our special events.

My thanks, as always, to all the choir for all their hard work. If anyone can sing and would like to join us, do get in touch, we would ideally need a lot more singers.