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February/March 2015

posted 21 Mar 2015, 03:01 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 21 Mar 2015, 03:01 ]

Christmas is always a lovely time for the choir, and this year was no exception. We were joined by a large Augmented Choir for the Carol Service, which seemed to go better than ever. 

The midnight service is another highlight, but more tricky as usually some of the choir are away, and sometimes we have very welcome extras who have not been to any practices. This year we managed a proper rehearsal, Caroline and Chris Erni joined us, and although it was a small choir, they sang four carols before the service, as well as singing more than usual during Communion. Included was our favourite, ‘The Shepherd’s Farewell’ by Berlioz.

On Christmas morning we had a good congregation with a number of children, but only one choir member. So we did without a choir and the congregation sang out with some favourite carols. The organist felt surprisingly isolated without a choir beside her!

January is a quieter time for the choir, and choir practices are often cancelled as not enough people can make it. Nevertheless, the singing continues, with hymns in parts with descants, and an anthem during Communion. We have a large list of anthems in our repertoire, and sing all our favourites perhaps once a year. This is an aspect of the work that I think we all enjoy.

If anyone would like to join the regular choir, we would be delighted. You do not have to be brilliant, there is time to learn the music during practices. We look rather for keenness and commitment. So do think about it!

My thanks to all the choir as usual, where would we be without you?

Sheila Maxwell