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June - July 2015

posted 9 Aug 2015, 00:17 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 9 Aug 2015, 00:18 ]

The Augmented Choir has been busy. The Choral evening has come and gone. We had a choir of 25 singers, with some really lovely voices among them, so that it was a wonderful experience to be part of it. The organist nearly gave up though! There was a lot of accompanying, some of it rather complicated - music written originally for orchestra is never the easiest on the organ or piano. However, with some judicious editing, and help from Lucy with ‘The heavens are telling’, we got by.

For practical reasons - mostly trying not to clash with anything important - this year’s Evening of Praise is only two months after the Choral evening, on Sunday 5th July. So we are starting to practice already, but making sure the anthems are simple enough not to need too much rehearsal. Marcus has been rooting about finding suitable ones. There will also be lots of hymns for everyone, and we are meantime asking the congregation to let us have their favourite hymns, to choose from. This is very much a congregational event for everyone, not just the choir.

The regular choir has meantime managed to keep going. It is such a small choir that any absence can cause problems. The basses are not so bad, we have three, but the ladies are usually singing their parts as solos. Fortunately Sue, who sings alto, but moves to tenor or soprano at will, has been able to cover when our main soprano, Jill, has been absent. Sue recently got a distinction in her singing exam, and has been developing since, which is a great help. Otherwise we are very dependent on Jill and Pat, and our wonderful men, to keep the choir going. The choir sang the usual ‘Come, Holy Ghost’, by Attwood for Pentecost, and Paul Isom’s ‘King of all ages’ for the Sunday after the Ascension.

As usual, my thanks to all the choir for all their work and lovely singing. We are still hoping that a few more people will want to join us. It is a fair commitment, but very worthwhile, and a good chance to get to know the lovely anthems that we sing.

Sheila Maxwell