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February 2018

posted 7 Nov 2018, 12:32 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 12 Apr 2019, 08:33 ]

St Thomas’s Choir Notes

The Choir had a busy time in December. First there was the Carol Service with the Augmented Choir - of which more elsewhere - and most of the choir joined in this. Then there were the Christmas services to prepare, on Sunday morning, and the Midnight Communion the same day. We try to sing carols before the service at Midnight, and this year we had the best choir ever for the occasion. Some of our choir were away, but the stalwarts who were left were supplemented by Mike Brooks, who sings with the Augmented choir, along with his musical daughter, Lucy and Jane Bailey, and Caroline and Chris Erni. Most had been to a practice beforehand, and it went really well, with five carols before the service and another two during Communion, as well as the traditional ones for the congregation. After that, only Jill turned up on Christmas morning!  So we did without a choir, for the first time for a long time.

Things are now back to ‘normal’, with enough singers to form a choir each Sunday, but with various absences, especially for the Thursday practices, which all too often have to be cancelled for lack of support. We were delighted to see Eric back, after a lengthy absence following a fall. However, it would be good to have more members of the choir, so if you can sing at all, do think about it! You don’t need to be brilliant, just keen, there is plenty time to learn your parts if necessary.

My thanks again to the regular members who keep the choir going so magnificently.

Sheila, February 2018