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Congregation meeting, St. Thomas', 9th June 2012

posted 3 Aug 2012, 11:04 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne
The purpose of this Congregation meeting was to:
  • share what Bishop Bob talked with us about at the three meetings earlier in the year;
  • consider what the future for the Congregation of St Thomas’s could be; and
  • identify our priorities and contribute ideas for implementation.
Three main topics were identified as our ‘Hopes for the future’:-


Fiona Sawyer explained the work that she has done on developing a website for St. Thomas’.  Also discussed introducing a St Thomas’s email address to give improved access to St Thomas’ people for the growing number of people who use email and internet.

Community involvement, including wider use of the church building

Warren talked about more contact with the wider community in Aboyne and opening up our church building and grounds for events and alternative uses. For example - art exhibitions, concerts (as has already been done), encouraging the schools to use the building, using the grounds as an environmental resource (Cubs and Guides have already done this a little). This would require changes to current arrangements, including seating which we have already been experimenting with. Improved heating will also help to encourage more usage.

Worship, Prayer, Study and Holiness of Life

James talked about this being central to our life as Christians and he hoped that this would be a growing aspect of our congregation. 

Ideas from all attendees were captured on posters with post-it notes. The meeting really came to life at this point and everyone contributed a huge amount of ideas, which have been posted on the huge poster just inside the main entrance of the church to give others who weren’t able to come an opportunity to contribute as well.

Action Group leaders were then identified, along with people who were interested in helping. The next steps (which are already in progress) are now:-

  • The action group leaders will arrange follow up meetings with those who have expressed an interest in their topic.
  • The action group leaders will keep the Vestry informed of progress at future Vestry meetings.
So, if you haven’t yet contributed your ideas or want to be involved with any of the above topics, don’t be shy! – contact the Action Group Leader:-
  • Communications - Fiona Sawyer
  • Community involvement - Warren Burgess
  • Worship, Prayer, Study and Holiness of Life - James