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Litter - a positive attitude works

posted 10 Nov 2014, 12:53 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 10 Nov 2014, 12:54 ]

Back in February I decided to take a small plastic bag and gardening gloves with me when walking our dog Star through our local woods - the Lady Wood between the Community Centre and Rhu-na-Haven Road and also in the woods from Rhu-na- Haven Road down to the river. I chose to pick up the litter, up to about one metre either side of where I was walking, so it didn't add too much time on to my walk. On subsequent walks over the same area, I looked for the litter a bit further to the right, and then to the left. By my fourth walk over the same area, it was just about clear of litter.

Since that initial small effort, it has been really interesting to see that there is very little litter dropped over a whole week - I typically pick up only 3 or 4 pieces over the whole area. And the Lady Wood was an area that was heavily littered back in February. So it appears that a clean area encourages people to keep it that way - everyone sees the standard that is expected.

Also I believe that there could be more litter pickers than litter droppers - it doesn't take much effort to pick up the odd piece of litter in an area that is already clean, and it is a good feeling to know that you won't see that piece there again.

So, if you would like to 'adopt a path' in Aboyne, do let me know - and let's see if we can make a bigger impact with a little co-ordination. Of course, it would be ideal if there were a few folk keen to walk in our church grounds.

Warren Burgess