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News and Notices - Sunday, 6th July

posted 8 Jul 2014, 02:58 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 8 Jul 2014, 02:58 ]

From the Rector

Services and Events this week:

  • Tuesday 8th July, 10am - Holy Communion, St Thomas', Aboyne
  • Wednesday 9th July, 9am - Morning Prayer, St Thomas', Aboyne
  • Sunday 13th July
    • 11.15am - Holy Communion, St. Thomas' Aboyne
    • 6pm - Ordination, Kincardine O'Neill. Please let Vittoria know ifyou are intending to come to the ordination service so seats can be assured.


  1. Advance warning – On the 17th August the Bishop will be with us in St Thomas' at 3pm. This will be the only service in St Thomas' that day – there will be no 11.15 service.
  2. The STomP team are planning on brightening up the STomP corner by painting a new mural. They will be meeting on the 16th July at 10am. If you would like to join them, please come along. If you know any children who might want to come and help, feel free to bring them along as well.
  3. The plan is to hold a mid-week communion on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in Aboyne, and the 4th Thursday of the month in Ballater. Please see the poster in the porch for more information.
  4. Dates for the diary:
    1. 16th July:
      1. 10am, Painting Workshop
      2. 2.30pm, Spirituality and Worship Group meeting
    2. 20th July, 6pm, Songs of Praise, St Thomas'
    3. 26th July, Open House at the Rectory
  5. A message from the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) - we are looking for people who may be able to spare a couple of hours a month to help the elderly people within the Aboyne community. We started covering the lunches at the start of June, and so far it is going really well, although we are only able to cover one day a week just now. If we could add to our pool of volunteers, we hope to be able to cover more days and therefore provide a better, more continuous service. The more volunteers we have, the less frequently they would be called on! The meals are provided by Aboyne Academy, so we only need volunteers during term time. We are happy to come over to Aboyne to meet anyone who may be interested. We want to offer the best service possible for the residents of Bonty Court – they all really appreciate getting their meal served to them, and in turn, the volunteers get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that they have made a difference in the resident’s lives, if only for a short time!  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Katherine Lamb, the Royal Voluntary Service Service Manager, on 07442 505493 or 01467 626012. Or you can email her on


Message from +Bob

"To you all my greetings!

I have much pleasure in forwarding you this letter and the link to the Diocese of Connecticut memorandum. It is all self-explanatory. In sending this on to you it is a true delight to see the way our companion diocese is honouring its strong historic link with ourselves.

Whilst sending you this may I take the opportunity to give you a reminder of the Diocesan service in our Cathedral on Friday 14th November. This is the date when, in 1784, the first bishop to serve outside the UK was consecrated here in Aberdeen. He was Samuel Seabury and returned home to Connecticut after leaving Scotland. At this service in November coming we will be installing a canon from Connecticut as one of our honorary canons.

All blessings,



From: Karin Hamilton
To: Bishop of Aberdeen
Sent: 27 June 2014

Subject: new "branding" for Episcopal Church in Connecticut - honors our ties

In case you didn't see this, wanted to be sure you did. We've just finished a year-long "rebranding" exercise that included a new "logo" and we looked to our history with Scotland both for reclaiming our name and for the image. Very awesome.

This is a link to the letter of announcement that went out earlier this week:


Anne Harper, Vestry Secretary