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News and Notices - Sundays 27th October and 3rd November

posted 4 Nov 2013, 21:51 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 4 Nov 2013, 21:51 ]

Sunday 27th October

Two great events happened this weekend:

  1. On Saturday, Penny and Calum celebrated their wedding with many friends, and we wish them well in their new life together - the weather was kind and the sun shone after all that rain.
  2. On Sunday, the church was packed for the christening of Lewis Roberts and it was another very happy occasion - one visitor said what a lovely cosy atmosphere there was with everyone gathered around the font, and how special that had made the day. It was a joy to have Lewis's great great uncle helping to celebrate the Eucharist - he is a recently licenced lay reader from Chatham, England
Other notices:
  1. Lisa introduced our new book, kept near the hymn books, where people can write in requests for prayers to be included in the intercessions each week. Please add names of anyone who needs our prayers at any time.
  2. Daphne asks if people could add offerings to the box at the back of the Church near the statue - contents of which will be distributed by Social Services to people in need close to the Christmas period. Any non-perishable edible goods are welcome and also toys. Thank you.
  3. Notice from Sue - Rainy Day Appeal launched at the Harvest Festival to raise money for a well abroad.  Raised so far .....
    • UK pounds - £17.97
    • Swiss Francs - CHF 15.40 (£10.55)
    • Euros 10.28 (£8.70)
    • Canadian Dollars 1.90 (£1.14)
    • US Dollars 9.74 (£6.03)
    • And other sundry coins - some no longer legal tender from Guatemala, Norway, Kenya, Austria, Various Middle Eastern or Asian countries, Greece, Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Italy, Egypt, Russia, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Cyprus, India! Plus some notes from these countries. Much as I liked seeing all these different coins, the idea was not to be the collector of non legal tender. I have managed to exchange the Swiss Francs and the Euros, but none of the other currencies. So our total at the moment stands at £37.22. I would appreciate only getting UK currency - otherwise it takes a long time to sort. If anyone would like to exchange the US dollars for Sterling - please contact me.
Many thanks - and keep collecting Sterling!


Sunday 3rd November

  1. There is no service at St Thomas's next week (Remembrance Sunday). Instead there is a community service at the Victory Hall at 10 am.
  2. Applications for the post of rector for St Thomas's and St Kentigern's closed on 31st October. We have two applicants for the position and, all being well, + Bob and the two vestries will interview them on 3rd/4th December.
  3. Marie has given us a book for intercessions which we used for the first time this Sunday with + Bob. Thank you Marie. You'll find it over to the side by the noticeboard. Please write in it any name or subject you want a special prayer for and it can be included in the intercessions by the person leading them. + Bob suggested that the book could be taken up to the altar along with the offerings so that our prayers are offered there too.
  4. So good to see + Bob again. Your nosy reporter asked about his vestments and was told that the stole he wore was commissioned when he was consecrated and that its ends, rather than being embroidered, are knitted in a celtic style pattern of gold and yellow crosses. This pattern was produced in Fair Isle - which is part of the diocese-and has been named 'Bishop of Aberdeen'. All you knitters, look out for it next time he comes.
Anne Harper - Vestry Secretary