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Primary School classes in St Thomas's woodland

posted 2 Dec 2013, 09:27 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 2 Dec 2013, 09:27 ]

One morning out walking our dog, Sue met a lady in the Lady Wood removing some safety barrier tape. It turned out that she is the 'Forest School' teacher for Aberdeenshire and she had been taking lessons in the Lady Wood. She was delighted when Sue told her that access to the woods in St Thomas's grounds had been offered to the schools for education opportunities - and immediately arranged two sessions for Primary - P6 and P7 classes.

I met the groups (on Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th November) - and it was a great opportunity to share a little of the history of St Thomas' Church and also to encourage appropriate behaviour when walking through the grounds. I had great responses to questions about why people drop litter and vandalise property - and what they thought about that. It was really encouraging to hear the positive things they said and I believe those conversations will have gone some way to influencing them as they go through their Academy years.

The groups were also very interested to see inside St Thomas's - most of them had never been in St Thomas's and it was great to show them that it is not always closed - but very much a living church! It was good to see that quite a few of them knew a lot about what churches are about, with some of them even confirmed.

The Forest School teacher also told me that she would be running a session for other teachers in our grounds, to give them ideas for their lesson plans - so I think this has been a great start to a growing use of our grounds by the Primary School.