April/May 2014

posted 11 Apr 2014, 00:13 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 11 Apr 2014, 00:13 ]

The lot of a Treasurer is to sway from happiness to concern – and so it has been at the beginning of the year. First all the good news.

Our harvest collection of pennies on Rainy Days raised £391.75 which was a tremendous result although it did mean it must have been very wet. The Vestry have decided to ask that we build a well in Nepal, since we can nominate our favoured country. Since the total was over £300, the well should be named after St Thomas, and we should get some feedback from locals – I’ll report as soon as it comes in.

We were also delighted to receive our annual grant from the MacRobert Trust, which goes towards the upkeep of the church building. This is always very welcome as we continue to preserve the legacy of a historic building.

In addition, we were awarded a grant from the John Anderson Will Trust towards the work of STomp. This gentleman died in 1735, and his trust fund still supports church work all over the North-East of Scotland. The Family Worship Group have been discussing how this grant is used and will be making recommendations to the Vestry on its use to enhance youth worship.

I hope that by now, you will all have noticed the beautifully refurbished altar cloth for the side chapel altar, which was used at the Institution - and we also used the new Burse, Veil and Purificators on the altar which our supplier had despatched at lightning speed to be there in time for the service. In the next few months, look out for all the new additional Burse and Veil combinations in the different colours for the Church Year, and a new fabric altar frontal for the main altar. This is part of a recommendation by the Worship and Spirituality Group to replace worn out fabric in the church. We hope in coming months to raise money for some new chasubles and stoles. Many thanks to all the Sacristans for repairing the old, but looking forward and advising on the new.

The flowers for the Institution looked magnificent, and a small donation was received to help towards the cost – many thanks. It is very gratifying that people are willing to contribute towards all sorts of costs – big and small in addition to their regular giving.

The Investment Team – part of the Finance Team - continue to develop our strategy for looking after the investments of St Thomas and despite some ups and downs in the market, continue to make good gains, raising money for all our projects.

Now for the less good news – the damage to trees in the graveyard over the Festive Season was considerable, and the cost of clearance and safety work was not in our annual budget. The cutting down and chopping up of the trees has cost £1500 since we had to use a professional company for safety reasons despite lots of offers of help from individuals. This has placed an extra burden on church finances in a year when we had been concentrating on major renovation at the Rectory. We have had donations towards this work, and it is hoped to recoup some more of the cost by selling the timber. Thankfully, no-one was hurt by the falling trees and no graves were badly damaged.

Many thanks to all on the Finance Team (now numbering 5 people) and to all contributors, either for their regular financial support or for all the many one-off donations we receive.

Sue Burgess - Treasurer