June/July 2013

posted 18 Jun 2013, 15:24 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne

At the half-year, up to the end of March, St Thomas’s finances were showing a surplus. However, considerable work is planned on the Rectory roof and windows through the summer which means that some of this surplus will be used to cover the joint costs with St Kentigern’s.

The main action over the last few months has been the transfer of most of our investments and bank savings into a new investment fund which is now being actively monitored and managed on a weekly basis. In two months this has already resulted in a substantial increase in the capital and it is hoped that the income from these investments will contribute towards the costs of the Rectory repairs. Many thanks to Warren for his skill and work on the investments as part of the Finance Team and also to Isobel and Chris for their contributions to the Finance Team.

£56.34 was collected from jars in church for the Bishops Lent Appeal 2013 – thank you to all who contribute small change – this runs throughout the year.

Also - some more good news. Some of you may have noticed an old carved wooden box on the table near the door of the church. I always wondered what it was for, and it had a keyhole (but no key) and a slot in the front. I managed to extract the contents which amounted to £45! Wonderful! The sort of box Treasurers love.

If anyone has any questions about finances or would like more details about the half- year performance against budget or the investments, please contact me.

Sue Burgess, Treasurer