Same-sex Marriage

posted 12 Nov 2015, 10:55 by St. Thomas' Church Aboyne   [ updated 12 Nov 2015, 10:55 ]

(From The Tattler,  October - November 2015)

Following on from my brief article in our August – September magazine, here are two short pieces from the Rev Canon Lisa Eunson and the Rev Canon Ian Ferguson on this issue. Both approach this issue with honesty and compassion. Both come to different conclusions. I am aware that there are different points of view within the church as a whole, and within our congregations here in Ballater and Aboyne. Wherever contentious issues are discussed, there has always been difference of opinion, and difference of interpretation, and the issue of same-sex marriage is the same. I would encourage you all to read both articles, to reflect and to pray. But I would also request that you remember what binds us together as Christians – the fact that we acknowledge Jesus as our crucified and risen Lord, who died for us. And to remember that this is at the core of our faith and our unity as a church.

At the end of October, we are invited to join with the people from Kincardine O'Neill, Banchory and Bieldside at an event to look at this issue. The evening is titled ' Listening Together about Same-sex Relationships: Exploring living with difference. It will take place on Tuesday 27th October from 7-9pm in St Tiernan's Church Hall, Banchory. All are invited to join us. This event is not about discussing the issue of same-sex marriage. It is not a forum for debate. There will be no attempts to sway your minds and faith one way or the other. It is not about agreeing with each other. Our hope for the evening is that people will listen to each other. That they will appreciate the viewpoints which are expressed and the stories which are told. That while they may not understand or agree, they will respect each other. That people will depart willing to celebrate our faith together, while acknowledging we have difference in viewpoint and interpretation.

Rev'd Vittoria Hancock